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More on Oopsy


First, Oopsy just turned THREE years old this week. Happy Birthday Oopsy! Now, some of you may have been wondering, “why is a dog named Oopsy? that is such a strange name!” — Well, yes, it is a weird name, but she got her name (officially, her show name is “Oops”) because Tricia’s parents (who breed pugs) did not intend for Ipsy (Oopsy’s mother) to get pregnant. Therefore, she’s an “Oops”

Also, here’s another funny thing about having a dog that responds to a commonly used word – whenever through circumstance we actually USE the word “oops,” Oopsy thinks we’re talking to her. She’s very good about coming when called — she will come running from the next room whenever she hears her name called. However, because we say “oops” in other context, she ALSO comes running whenever we’ve just made a mistake!

Talk about living up to your name!

The picture is of Oopsy taking a nap on our bed with Martine. Oops is really hyper, but when she calms down, she’s very loving. She just (still) needs to learn not to step on us!

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