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Meet Oopsy!


Meet Oopsy.  She is a nearly three year old pug, which means that she was born right after Hurricane Katrina and lived as a very young puppy in Pug City (and here).  Her mother is Ipsy (who was on a Jones Soda Bottle), and her father is Gonnie, who is Gizmo and Gadget’s brother.  That means that G&G are her uncles!

Oopsy is going to live with us either temporarily or permanently, it’s not entirely clear yet.  However, for the time that she is here, we wanted to have her stay with us for a few reasons.  First, she’s very little.  She’s half the size of Gadget, easily.  That means that we now have a “little pug” for our “little girl” (Martine).  


Second, Oopsy is very active.  She runs around and and plays a lot.  Gadget does not run around and play.  He’s totally laid back.  Gizmo, on the other hand, does like to play.  However, it’s hard for a Pug to play when only one Pug wants to play.  Having Oopsy around means that Gizmo now has someone to chase.

There’s lots more to say about Oopsy, and I’ll get to it in time. So, for now, we’re living with three pugs, all of whom want to sleep in the bed that only has so much room.

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