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Spoiled Pugs!

So, here’s another video I took of the boys playing. I’ve been trying to get more really good videos, but it’s hard to have the camera ready, and when they REALIZE you’re filming them, they start watching you instead of playing.

Anyway, since they had so much attention when we were in Baton Rouge, they’re now finally starting to show their spoiled nature. On certain days of the week when Tricia has to be away all day for school, and I’m away working late, they get REALLY upset, and they’ve started peeing on our couch, in one specific spot, sometimes more than one. We almost always keep blankets on the couch to protect it from pugness, but the level to which we’ve had to wash these blankets is getting ridiculous.

Now, previous to this, they would only “mark” inside the house, or if they HAD to go, they’d go on the pads we put out for them. They still do this when they need to. However, some of this couch-peeing will happen when Tricia’s home ALL DAY with them, leaves for an evening class, and I get home 15 minutes later. So they pretty much had no time alone, but they’re mad that she left them alone, so they get back at her by going on the couch.

What to do? If this keeps up, we’re going to have to go back to keeping them in the hallway while we’re gone.

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