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Dog Last Names

I dont know if you give your dogs last names or not, but right now, Gizmo is “Gizmo Miller” and Gadget is “Gadget Kastl” Gizmo was the Pug I picked out from the litter. Tricia’s mom loved Gadget, so she went back and got him, and he eventually ended up with us, which we think is great, but Gizmo was my dog first. He lived with me before anyone else did, so he’s Gizmo Miller. (It also sounds good, something about the M in Gizmo goes well with Miller).

Tricia and I are getting married in a month, and we think Gadget’s going to change his name to Gadget Miller. It doesnt sound as good, but we think he’s going to change it.

Anyway, we call Gadget, “Gadj” (GA softG), and we call Gizmo, “Giz”, “Gizzy”, “Gizmo”, “Mo”, or “Momo.” I try to be more masculine and call him Gizmo or Mo, but that doesnt always happen.

What do you call your dogs? Oh, and for the person who posted on the last post, if you move to the Warehouse District in New Orleans, you won’t be out of place, you’ll be moving to where Gizmo and Gadget live! They like it here except for not having a yard to frolic in.

In a bizarre way, Gizmo and Gadget liked Hurricane Katrina. They got to stay on a pug farm with 40 other dogs, then they got to stay in Baton Rouge with a yard and a situation where they never were left alone, ever, and they had about 6 walks a day. How much better does it get for a dog?

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