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Pugs Around the World Vol.1 — Katrina Edition

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Roxy and Lynn

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Thank you for the pug submissions we have gotten so far and please keep them coming! This week’s featured Pug Around the World is from our home city/state: New Orleans, Louisiana. Her name is Roxy and she is 2 years old (just like Gizmo & Gadget! — they are 10 days younger!). This is a photo of Roxy and her mom Lynn evacuating by boat after the hurricane. During the hurricane, Roxy and her family went to a local hospital where Lynn’s husband works. The rest of the story is common knowlege by now. Finally, a few days after Katrina hit, Roxy and her family were evacuated from the hospital and made it out safe and sound. Thank goodness! We salute Roxy and her family for their bravery. We’re sure Roxy is somewhere right now being a good little pug and bringing joy and happiness to all. We almost evacuated to that very same hospital with Gizmo & Gadget. Not all the people or pets survived and we think of that every day. Hope to meet you someday Roxy!

Also, if you’re like to send in your pictures and bio, please email Gadget. His email address is gadget@urbanpug.com

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