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Bee Sting, Oh No!

I took Gizmo, Gadget, and Oopsy for a walk this morning, and on the way back to the house, I noticed that Gizmo was limping. Actually, he wasn’t even letting his back right paw touch the ground at all. I checked, and I noticed a (freshly) dead bee by his foot. We think that what must have happened is that the bee stung him on the top of his food, then he stepped on it. Anyway, I carried him back home, and we checked everything out. We looked to see if there was a stinger in his foot still. There wasn’t. Then, to help with any symptoms, we gave him half of a benadryl. Our vet told us that benadryl was fine for dogs, and that’s what we gave Gadget when his face was swollen.

However, Gizmo’s foot still hurt. So, apparently, Tylenol and Ibuprofen are really bad for dogs, toxic at low doses. However, aspirin is acceptable (but get your dosing information correct). Aspirin can upset the stomach, and Gizmo has a sensitive stomach. So, we gave him a large coated aspirin disguised as a large hunk of cheese!

Hopefully he feels better soon!

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