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Marigny Loves Momo!


It would be sacrilegious for someone living in this house not to love pugs. Fortunately, Marigny will need no education enhancing her pug affection. She is actually more into pugs than Martine was! Of course, Martine adores Gizmo, but as a baby, she was more interested in pug fur than in pugs.

Also, I think I should address my marked lack of recent posts. I love doing Urban Pug. However, because I have been in school, over the past several years I’ve had some extra free time. In the past 10 months: (1) I started a new job as an attorney; (2) Tricia had our second child; (3) I took (and passed) the Patent Bar exam (which means I’m now a Registered Patent Attorney); (4) I’ve released several iPhone applications (see, e.g., Louisiana Civil Codereview 1, review 2, review 3) and (5) Work has been unusually busy with a deluge of litigation. So, priorities are priorities. Urban Pug sometimes has to wait, and for the past several months, it has waited. Hopefully I will be able to post more often!

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