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Demi B, the Black Pug!

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Demi B, the Black Pug!

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, I’ve been busy with work and with PUGS!

Last week, Gizmo went to Pug City to, well, make some baby Pugs, so we had Demi stay with us.

Demi is REALLY demanding — she pretty much demands your attention at any point in time that she’s not eating or sleeping. It’s all about holding or being pet.

She’s now fully grown, although she must be about 14 pounds to Gadget’s 21 — we’ve joked about Gadget being Demi wearing a “Fat Suit.”

Anyway, she’s back home now, and Gizmo is back with us. We didn’t do anything special for Halloween, but we’re SURE some pugs across the world did, so if you’ve got any pictures, send ’em in, and we’ll post em!

Since we don’t have any Halloween Pug Pictures, here are some pics at flickr.

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