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Jade the Pug from New Hampshire


This is a continuation of our series of “Pugs from Around the World” that began in 2003, when we featured Roxy, the Katrina Pug.

Today’s Pug is Jade, from New Hampshire. She’s five years old and is a rescue who came to live with her current family after her parents passed away. Now, Jade lives with Jennifer and Corey, who Jade charmed immediately just by cocking her head to the side! Jennifer says that Corey and Jade belong to a “Synchronized Snoring Team”, and she thinks they will be taking a top medal in this summer’s Olympic games!!


The picture above is of Jade dressed up in her party dress, with bows, and the picture to the left is of jade wearing her pink Doggles. I really think it’s cute to have black pugs wear pink (girls, of course) because the contrast of pink and black looks really nice.

Anyway, Jade loves to play “bunny” fetch and tug and eat carrots, and she hasn’t met a vegetable she doesn’t like. (Note – Gizmo and Gadget love veggies too, especially broccoli stems) Jade’s also had two litters of puppies, and Jade even gets to visit one of her puppies, Mickey. Also, Jennifer has sent us several pictures of Jade and her son, Mickey, which I have posted Jade’s Gallery. Click the link to go see all of her pictures.

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