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Martine Hugs Gizmo

Martine loves hugging the pugs. Gadget will get slightly annoyed with her and walk away. Oopsy is skittish, and will avoid her too. However, Gizmo will tolerate her much more, and when he does, this is what happens — he gets lots of hugs.


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Does your pug play fetch?

Does your pug play fetch? Ours don’t. However, we have a child for that.

You can see HD versions of the video on youtube or on facebook.

Gadget & Martine!


Sometimes, we take Martine in her stroller along with us when we walk the dogs, and sometimes, Gadget likes to ride back home in the back seat.

This is what it looks like when we get home. Gadget’s just poking his head out, as happy as can be, and Martine loves riding in the stroller, so she’s super happy too.

I can only imagine what people passing by in their cars think.


This next picture is of Gadget and Martine at (Martine’s) dinner time.

Martine and Gadget have sort of a “pact.” He lets her have her space in the house, so long as she provides him with extra treats. Here, he’s waiting for her to fulfill her end of the bargain and push some of her food off her highchair onto the floor.

Actually, the pugs are GREAT at cleanup. Any food she throws on the floor, and any food left over when she decides she’s finished eating, well, there’s a pug for that! It’s gotten so routine, that they just sit there and wait for the food to fall and for the tray to eventually be left on the floor for “cleaning.”

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Martine hugs Tivo and Gizmo


Meet Martine’s new Pug! We found this stuffed pug at Target, and we had to get it for her. Actually, at first, both Oopsy and Martine were scared of it, each in their own different way. It didn’t take Oops that long to realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, but it took Martine a few days. Eventually she figured it out, and now she LOVES it. I am pretty sure she realizes it is not just any stuffed animal, but a PUG.

Tricia named the stuffed Pug after our favorite household gadget. She named the stuffed pug TIVO.

I’m sure we’ll accumulate lots of stuffed pugs, and I’m sure they’ll all get named. She’s going to have a very pug-filled childhood…


Also, now that Martine is crawling around more, she can do what amounts to one of the cutest things possible.  She crawls over to her pug brothers and hugs them! This is very fleeting, and both Pug and Baby are moving quickly in poor indoor lighting, which makes it very difficult to photograph. I think this one is one of the best.

Martine is the size of a pug…


Martine is the size of a pug… and she begs like one too!  She now is able to recognize that we’re eating food, reach out for that food, and make a fuss until she gets what she wants.  These are some pictures of her doing just that.

Notice that she is just about the size of a pug, and she’s about the same weight, too.  Last doctor’s visit (2 weeks ago) she was about 22 pounds, which is just slightly less than what Gizmo weighs.


Happy Halloween


Tricia bought Martine a monkey costume this year, and we took pictures out in the front yard with the pugs and our pumpkins.


After we did that, though, my dad somehow found out about a “special” costume for sale at K-Mart, and he got this “special” costume for us. It was so perfect for us, that we had to take another set of pictures.

I don’t think this requires any extra explanation. Happy Halloween!


She Can Stand!


So, as this picture shows, Martine is now capable of standing.  However, she’s still a ways from doing it without holding on to anything or actually going somewhere once she stands up!  I thought this picture was good because it shows Gizmo and Gadget doing what they always do — Gizmo is sitting on the chair, and Gadget is sitting underneath — except that now they’re doing it with Martine in the picture, too!

Oh, and I have a funny story about Oopsy.  So, for some reason, and only at certain times, Oopsy acts afraid of me, and this only happens when it’s time to eat.  She won’t take treats from me, and she won’t eat her food right in front of me.  She’s also a little bit the same way around Gizmo or Gadget, only eating after they’ve left.

Anyway, whenever we leave the house, we put all the pugs in the kitchen, which has two exits.  We close the door at one exit, and we have a dog gate on the other exit.  So, usually, we  just give G and G a chicken jerky each, and we’re on our way.  Well, with Oopsy, I can’t do that, because she won’t get it — she’ll let Gizmo or Gadget have it (and they WILL take it if she doesnt!!).

I didn’t want her to be the only one not getting any chicken jerkies, so I had to do something about it!  Well, the dog gate on one of the exits to the kitchen only goes down so close to the ground because of the molding at the bottom of the walls.  Basically, there’s about 8-12 inches of molding from the floor up, and the dog gate can’t expand to fit properly in the whole space.  This leaves that 8-12 inch space below the gate.  Also, Oopsy is smaller than both G&G, and one day I realized (when we got home and she wasn’t in the kitchen) that Oopsy was capable of shimmying underneath the dog gate!

Once I realized this, it became clear that the easiest way to give her the chicken jerkies (and her food generally) was to put it on the other side of the gate!  She can get it whenever she wants, and she’ll be protected from either Gizmo or Gadget’s taking it.

And, yes! It works just fine.  However, it’s worked SO WELL that there’s an unintended consequence!  Normal pug behavior when chicken jerkies are about to be dispensed is to BEG.  Well, Oopsy’s behavior is now to run into the kitchen, past Gizmo and Gadget begging, and to shimmy under the gate as fast as she can!

Who says Pugs aren’t smart?

More on Oopsy


First, Oopsy just turned THREE years old this week. Happy Birthday Oopsy! Now, some of you may have been wondering, “why is a dog named Oopsy? that is such a strange name!” — Well, yes, it is a weird name, but she got her name (officially, her show name is “Oops”) because Tricia’s parents (who breed pugs) did not intend for Ipsy (Oopsy’s mother) to get pregnant. Therefore, she’s an “Oops”

Also, here’s another funny thing about having a dog that responds to a commonly used word – whenever through circumstance we actually USE the word “oops,” Oopsy thinks we’re talking to her. She’s very good about coming when called — she will come running from the next room whenever she hears her name called. However, because we say “oops” in other context, she ALSO comes running whenever we’ve just made a mistake!

Talk about living up to your name!

The picture is of Oopsy taking a nap on our bed with Martine. Oops is really hyper, but when she calms down, she’s very loving. She just (still) needs to learn not to step on us!

Three Little Pigs


This is a picture of Gizmo, Oopsy, and Martine, all together on the bed. Oopsy is still learning what it’s like to live here, and she’s got some things down, but not others. For example, she knows that the best place to be at night is right on top of Tricia’s head, hogging all the pillows. However, she doesn’t yet fully appreciate, “don’t step on the humans.” She will walk on top of you without understanding that you want her to walk around you. This isn’t so bad for us (Oopsy is light), but even though she’s not anywhere near aggressive towards Martine, she’s a little bit… inconsiderate? Oblivious?

Oopsy definitely is a good dog, but she just needs to learn the rules a bit better.

Martine and her brothers in the morning


Here is a picture of Martine in the morning – after we’ve brought her from her crib to our bed. Actually, Gizmo and Gadget get to sleep with us, but Martine does not. However, in the mornings, I bring her into the bed and she will usually sleep for a little while longer. That’s better than one of us having to get up early to take care of the baby – it lets us get a little bit more sleep.

Anyway, this morning after I got out of bed, Gizmo and Gadget both snuggled up with her, and it was so cute that I just had to get a few pictures.



I took this picture today, and OMG IT IS SO CUTE.  This is Gizmo and Martine sharing her Baby Papasan chair, and it’s just about the cutest picture I’ve taken in a while.

In other news, I’m starting a 6 week law school summer job in Baton Rouge next week, and we’re moving up there tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe the summer is half over already!  It seems like we just got back from Hilton Head!

Martine Laughs at Gadget

This is just a quick post, only one video, and probably not as cute as it was in person, but it’s of Gadget and Martine.  They’re looking directly at each other, and he’s licking her, and she’s laughing at him.


Naptime for Gizmo and Martine


This afternoon, Tricia put Martine down for a nap. A little while later, Gizmo made his way into his spot. After both were asleep, Tricia noticed this, and called me into the room to get a quick picture of brother and sister napping together in their “bunk bassinet.”

Do you see Gizmo in there, with his head poking out? He’s actually doing the pug-classic “chin rest” on the side bar of the bassinet.

Oh, and they’re both sound asleep in this picture. How cute!

Gadget and Martine are Cute


Martine is 11 weeks old, and she’s becoming more aware of the world every day. Those in the world, specifically her brothers, are also becoming more and more aware of her every day. Gadget is really shy, but he’s also extremely loving, and licking is one of his ways of expressing that. He’s started to want to snuggle more with Martine, and he’s started licking her feet whenever he gets the chance! He’s learning more about her, and he’s showing that he treats her just like he treats his parents.

Gizmo, on the other hand, does not lick. He’s a bit more possessive than Gadget, as he thinks he’s higher up on the totem pole. He knows that I’m number one, but he’s right up there in the #2 spot, with everyone else in the house below him.

When we go places, sometimes, he will “mark” Tricia, signalling that she is his, and those other pugs best be stepping away from her. Well, when we got home last night, Gizmo “marked” Martine. Ack!

Well, it actually wasn’t that bad. She was in her car seat still, and nothing got on that, just on the floor. We’ll be a bit more careful next time.

Gizmo & Gadget say “hi” to Martine


Whenever we arrive home after leaving Gizmo and Gadget alone, they get very excited and act a certain way. They also act the same way whenever one of us arrives home. For example, whenever I get home from school, the dogs get excited, they run and will act happy / excited for a little while. They run up to me and essentially are saying, “Hello! I missed you! Pet me!”

Well, I’ve noticed that they now will also say “hi” to martine when we get home. Our arriving home generally consists of me putting her carseat on the floor while I go outside and get other things from the car. While her carseat is on the floor, Gizmo and Gadget can hop right up, sniff her feet, and say hello.

I think it’s interesting because it’s another example of how they’re treating her just like they treat any other member of the family.

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