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Gadget & Martine!


Sometimes, we take Martine in her stroller along with us when we walk the dogs, and sometimes, Gadget likes to ride back home in the back seat.

This is what it looks like when we get home. Gadget’s just poking his head out, as happy as can be, and Martine loves riding in the stroller, so she’s super happy too.

I can only imagine what people passing by in their cars think.


This next picture is of Gadget and Martine at (Martine’s) dinner time.

Martine and Gadget have sort of a “pact.” He lets her have her space in the house, so long as she provides him with extra treats. Here, he’s waiting for her to fulfill her end of the bargain and push some of her food off her highchair onto the floor.

Actually, the pugs are GREAT at cleanup. Any food she throws on the floor, and any food left over when she decides she’s finished eating, well, there’s a pug for that! It’s gotten so routine, that they just sit there and wait for the food to fall and for the tray to eventually be left on the floor for “cleaning.”

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