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Pug Puppies (Gadget’s Grandpuppies)


Speaking of babies, about 2 years ago, Gadget sired a litter of puppies. Because we were displaced by Katrina at the time, those puppies were named Katrina, Rita, and Ivan. Now, it’s Rita’s turn to have her own puppies, thus Gadget is a Grandpugger.

Here are a few pictures of Gadget’s Grand-Pugs. As you’ll see, they look A LOT like Gadget, except one of them is Black Pug

They’re so cute!

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Gadget Ordered Chinese Food


Gadget did it! He ordered some Chinese food!  Can you believe it?

Also, I now know how they understood what he was saying.  Scientists have developed a computer that can interpret dog barks (click here for the story) — the Chinese restaurant must have one of those.

Can you tell the difference between your dog’s different barks? What kind of barks does your dog have?

What is Gadget Saying?


The other day, I put my cellphone up to Gadget’s ear and pretended like he was on the phone. I said, pretending to be him, “Hello?” He heard me say that and both he and Gizmo “perked up” and looked around. I’ve tested this several times since then, and they both seem to have the same reaction when they hear “hello” — They look around as if someone may have just come into the house.

I think that they’ve learned that when I say ‘hello’ out loud, it means that Tricia has just arrived home (or when she says it, I’ve just arrived home). So, they don’t think that “Hello” is a greeting, they think that it’s the word for “Someone new has just arrived”

Also, what do you think Gadget is saying on the phone? Assume he picked up the phone when nobody was home. What would he do? Who would he call? Who would YOUR pug call?

We think he’s saying, “I’d like to order a #2 with a side order of potstickers and an extra egg roll.”

Useful Pug Products



There is a new low-calorie sports beverage from Gatorade called G2. It’s basically Gatorade with less sugar. I saw it in the store, and I immediately thought “Gizmo and Gadget!” They’re Two G’s, Gatorade’s selling G2. It makes perfect sense! They’re now the (unofficial) spokespugs for the new beverage!

Gadget’s getting better…


Gadget’s not entirely better yet, but he’s on his way.  He’s still bleeding occasionally, but his attitude and ability to beg are back.  He’s finishing his course of medication (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds), and that’s also helping him feel better.

The picture is just one of gadget sitting underneath one of our chairs, resting his head.  I passed by, and just had to run back and take the picture.

Gadget’s Butt Problems

Happy New Year! Gizmo is playing the role of “Baby New Year” in the swing! He really likes it in there. Unfortunately, he’s going to get booted from the baby things soon for our HUMAN baby.

Last year was filled with excitement, up until the end. I migrated the blog from using Flickr to self-hosting images in the Urban Pug Picture Gallery (which anyone can upload pictures to). Then, I created Urban Pug TV, which shows all the cutest / funniest Pug videos from YouTube. Also, of course, Tricia became pregnant along the way! However, relating back to Pugs, we had some excitement just yesterday!

Yesterday, we had to take Gadget to the vet for a rather embarrassing problem. The day before yesterday, the tissue around his butt became inflamed — and started oozing a thick fluid mixed with some blood! I suspected it might be a problem with his anal glands, so I called Tricia’s parents (who know more about pug physiology than I do) and they confirmed that 1) it was probably a problem w/ his anal glands and 2) he probably needed to see the vet.

So, we got him into the vet yesterday, and they basically confirmed the diagnosis. To treat him, they gave him a quick sedative, flushed out his glands, and then gave him another shot to wake him up. He was out for about 10 minutes. They also gave us some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to give him to prevent infection and reduce the swelling. He’s feeling better now, and he’ll hopefully be 100% back to normal by tomorrow.

“Why did this happen?” we asked the vet. Neither Gizmo nor Gadget have ever had their anal glands expressed, and neither has ever had a problem like this before. We were told that some dogs do not excrete all the fluid they produce in their anal glands and that over time the fluid can “back up” and cause problems. Second, sometimes the gland can get “blocked” and get backed up. This is what probably happened to Gadget. We probably don’t need to regularly express his glands, and this is probably (hopefully) a one-time occurrence.

Anyway, hopefully he’ll be 100% back to normal soon (he was already feeling well enough to beg *really well* for some New Year’s Day Bacon)

Happy New Year!



It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s primarily due to the fact that I’m in the middle of finals.  There’s time for Pugs, but not time for posting on the internet about pugs.  Anyway, here’s more evidence of bagels being Gadget’s favorite food.  He’s here begging for whatever small morsel of breakfast Tricia will send down his way.

What’s your Pug’s favorite food?

Gadget’s Favorite Food…


Gadget Loves String Cheese

For some reason, Gadget just goes completely bonkers for string cheese. I captured a little bit of his behavior in this video.

Topsy Turvy


Gizmo and Gadget snuggle together all the time. In this picture, they are snuggling, but Gizmo is upside down while Gadget is lying on his belly. Gizmo was practically begging me to take this picture! He likes being upside down a lot. Sometimes, when he positions himself like this he looks like a Boston Terrier because his ears appear as if they are pointed. He’s a total goof ball and Gadget just sits there calmly as always:)

Dog Cake Recipe for Gizmo & Gadget’s 4th Birthday


Today is Gizmo & Gadget’s 4th birthday! To celebrate, I made them a dog-friendly cake from a simple recipe I found online from LJC. However, instead of using cottage cheese for frosting, I used vanilla yogurt with peanut butter mixed in. (G & G happen to love yogurt, by the way) We thought the yogurt would be sweeter and would make a better tasting icing for them. They really enjoyed eating the cake and cannot wait until tomorrow morning when they are scheduled to get more for breakfast! After some recent health problems, we are so thankful that this birthday was a happy and healthy one for both Gizmo and Gadget. Our pugs have truly enhanced our lives for the better and their birthday is a huge reason to celebrate!

Cake Recipe: 1 cup flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1/4 cup oil, 1 cup shredded carrots, 1/3 cup honey, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes in a greased pan. (Ours actually took a little bit less than 30 minutes). We iced it with about 3 parts yogurt to 1 part peanut butter

Update: Want to make this cake look pretty? Get cake decorating stuff at amazon

Update: I made another cake for their 5th birthday. Check out my Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Cake Recipe

Gadget’s Temaril Side Effects


Lexy went back to my parents’ house last night, but not before making another bed out of a box.  This time, it was an empty Sam’s Club Diet Coke 32-Pack.

In other news, Gadget hasn’t had any swelling, but he’s still been itching some.  Also, the Temaril the doctor gave him is making him lethargic and thirsty.  Also, I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the medicine, but he’s also really hot.  (Side effects of temaril at Yahoo Answers, Pfizer Animal Health.) If you touch his ears or let him lick you, you can just feel that he’s a lot hotter than Gizmo.  I think it’s related.  Anyway, the combination of lethargy and thirst has been causing him to not want to go outside… to pee…  And as a result, well, he’s been just randomly letting it out.  Not even going over to a sofa corner, bed corner, the trash can (the spots they sometimes mark) — he’s just stopping, not even lifting a leg or squatting, and just dropping down a puddle.

It just took me 10 minutes with him outside to get him to pee, most of which was spent with him staring at me, just looking at me.  When he wasnt standing there, he was trying to get past me back into the house.  (Note, it was also fairly wet outside tonight)

I had to carry him into the yard a couple times, but eventually, he decided to “go.”  It was a good thing, too, because he actually did have to go.  He just didn’t want to, for some reason.

Hopefully, this is just the medicine he’s taking, and all will be back to normal soon.  We’re keeping a close eye on his condition!

Poor Gadget is taking Temaril for Allergies


We took G&G into the vet on Thursday for two reasons. First, to have their teeth cleaned. Second, Gizmo had a small tumor removed from his mouth. They both came home fine, and the Vet doesn’t think that Gizmo’s tumor isn’t the bad kind of tumor. However, on the ride home, and then getting worse for the next hour or two, Gadget’s face got really puffy, especially the tissue around his eyes.

Last time we took him to the Vet for the puffiness on the face, the Vet told us to give him small doses of Benadryl. So, we did the same thing this time. However, Tricia took him back to the vet the next day, and now he’s got some medicine.

But, there’s more! He keeps breaking out whenever the medicine wears off, which means he can’t sleep through the night (and neither can Tricia). He’s also congested, and this is causing him to have some trouble breathing.

The Vet thinks that he’s allergic to something in our house, so we’re going to try having him stay w/ my parents to see if that helps – if we take him out of the environment, and he gets better, then we know it’s something in our house.

The picture is of gadget, not feeling very well. When he’s scared sometimes, he hides under our bed. He did this, and then kinda laid down on his side. POOR GADGET!!

Gadget’s Just Fine


Gadget has recovered just fine.  His face no longer has any of the swelling it had yesterday.  He’s back to his normal happy (hungry) self now.  It appears as though it was some kind of an insect bite, we just don’t know how he got it, as he had not been out yesterday morning yet.

Firm Puffy Swelling on the Lip / Face


We woke up this morning, and everything was fine.  However, a little while later, Gadget’s face started to swell.  It was almost like he had a bug bite! (it turns out that may have been what it was).  However, we’d never seen anything like this on either G or G before.  We didn’t know if it was going to get worse and possibly cause problems breathing, so we decided he needed to see the vet.

It was no problem for them to see us, so we just went over first thing.  Gadget had to have his temperature taken (oh oh!) and the doc gave him a steroid shot and some benadryl.  We’ve got to give him benadryl 3 times per day for the next two days.  I think the steroid shot really worked, because his face is a lot better now, though you can still tell that something was wrong.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal again soon.

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