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What is Gadget Saying?


The other day, I put my cellphone up to Gadget’s ear and pretended like he was on the phone. I said, pretending to be him, “Hello?” He heard me say that and both he and Gizmo “perked up” and looked around. I’ve tested this several times since then, and they both seem to have the same reaction when they hear “hello” — They look around as if someone may have just come into the house.

I think that they’ve learned that when I say ‘hello’ out loud, it means that Tricia has just arrived home (or when she says it, I’ve just arrived home). So, they don’t think that “Hello” is a greeting, they think that it’s the word for “Someone new has just arrived”

Also, what do you think Gadget is saying on the phone? Assume he picked up the phone when nobody was home. What would he do? Who would he call? Who would YOUR pug call?

We think he’s saying, “I’d like to order a #2 with a side order of potstickers and an extra egg roll.”

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