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New iphone

I’m just testing out the wordpress application to post to urban pug from my iPhone.

Testing, 1 2 3.

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Happy Easter!


The last three years, Gadget has been the Easter Pug. This year, it’s Gizmo.

However, the second picture is Gadget with the ears on, pouncing on the grass. He wasn’t in the mood to sit still for Easter Pictures, so he let Gizmo have his turn.

Mukilteo Pug


We are at a wedding outside of Seattle this weekend, and the pugs couldnt come with us, so all we got to take is Tivo, Martine’s toy pug. So, this is a picture of Tivo in front of the Mukilteo Ferry at the Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo, Washington.

There wasnt much time to do much of anything besides attend the wedding events, but we did get to go eat Fish and Chips (Tricia had Clams) for lunch at a Fish and Chips stand called Ivar’s. We even saw someone with a PUG at the Fish Stand! The stand is there because there’s a public park nearby and because people waiting for the ferry need to get a quick meal while waiting… The wait for the Ferry when we arrived was 90 minutes!!!

Useful Pug Products

One of Gadget’s Favorite Chin Rests


I’m not sure why exactly he likes this place, but he certainly does. Gadget loves to put his chin in between the spokes of my rolling chair. I think it has something to do with the plastic floor cover – it’s a little bit cooler than just being on the carpet.

Oh, and sometimes, there will be two or three pugs, all fitting into the chair leg slots. How weird is that?

What places to your pugs like to go? Why do you think they like it so much?


Even though Gizmo does sometimes like to do the same thing that Gadget’s doing in the picture, he will usually try to be up high, on a chair or on the back of a sofa as opposed to being on the ground.

This is of him sitting on one of the chairs in the office.

Happy Mardi Gras!


Gadget is enjoying his reign this year as King of (Pug) Mardi Gras. No, King of Mardi Gras is not Rex, it’s Gadget.

My Puggy Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day from Urban Pug! We hope everyone has a great day!

The first picture, I call “Longing for You,” because of how Gizmo is looking out of the window, as if he’s waiting for someone. The second picture is “Lover Pug.” Isn’t Gizmo cute in these? He actually had a lot of fun shooting these, as it was HIM that was getting the attention, over the others.

Also, we would have included some candy in this Valentine’s Day post, but uh-oh, Gadget ate it! Too bad, maybe next year!

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Martine’s Safety Blanket…


Martine’s Safety Blanket is not a blanket. It is a pug. At night, when she is trying to get comfortable while sleeping, she grabs for … PUG FUR.

The pugs don’t mind. I they just snuggle up with her just like anyone else. Just about the only problem is that they don’t always realize that stepping on her isn’t very nice to do. So, we have to be careful when letting them up into the bed, so as to avoid any accidental “wake ups.”

If your Pug were a TV Network…?

If your Pug were a TV Network, which network would it be? For us, Gadget would, of course, be Food Network with a little bit of Disney mixed in there because he’s all cute and cuddly. Gizmo would be Bravo, with a bit of Telemundo because he’s a bit edgier, and he loves Latinos. Oopsy would be a combination of Oxygen and VH1.

What would your pug be? Why?

Happy Birthday Martine!


Saturday, we had Martine’s first birthday party! We got her a Cupcake Cake from The Kupcake Factory. We had to pick a theme for the cake, so what do you think we picked?

A Pug, of course!

Folding Dog Crate for Travel


We’ve faced the problem of what to do with the pugs while we’re gone for some time now. For a while, we had been resistant to the idea of crating them for two reasons: Because we think they like being uncrated better, AND because having crates in the room just creates another “territorial” object for them to pee on.

I think we’ve finally settled the problem in favor of crating them unless we’re going to be gone for an extended period of time. We came to this decision because we finally became exhausted with cleaning up after them (we kept them in the kitchen, and they would mark certain spots in the kitchen nearly every time we left the house) and because we came upon some really nice crates.

These crates are plastic, so they can be cleaned easily. That solves the problem of the crate becoming the marked-object. Just hose it off! (though we have not had to do that). The second problem is the “we don’t like to be crated” problem, and it has not been a problem for us. Every time we put them in there, they get a treat. So now, they know exactly what to do. They excitedly run into the crates, and they munch away as I lock them in. So, there’s not really a problem going INTO the crates. When I get home, however, they’re very eager to get out. I figure that’s because they want to see me and not necessarily because they don’t like being inside the crate.

As a side note, these crates can be folded up compactly and stored very easily. This makes them GREAT for traveling.

They were Tricia’s parents’ crates, so I don’t know where they got them. However, there is a product page for them on Amazon, but they’re not currently selling them. So I have no idea where to get them, but the one in the Amazon link is the same one as the one we have.

Pug House Training Tips

I little while back, I asked what your most common pug problems were.  I took those problems to Chet from The Dog Training Secret, and he responded, giving us a few tips for house training. Disclaimer: The Dog Training Secret is an Urban Pug sponsor.

Anyway, here’s what he has to say:

“Here are 3 quick Pug house training tips to have your pug stop peeing all over your home.

The first thing you need to understand about house training pugs is what’s actually going on inside your pug that’s causing the behavior. And then how to use a training & management program that quickly puts all those things back in check.

Here’s the most common reasons Pugs aren’t house trained yet:

1. Your Pug Isn’t Neutered – About 60% of Pug house training problems can be fixed by neutering your pug early in life, around 6-9 months. The older you let your pug get, the less likely neutering will help your problem.

2. Your Pug Has Too Much Unsupervised Access To Your Entire House – Most pugs won’t pee in their OWN territory, like their home. And it’s hard for pugs who are given access to your whole house early on, to ever realize it’s all theirs and they don’t need to mark it. Most successful pug house training routines first start by leaving unsupervised pugs in a crate, which they won’t eliminate in.

When your pug stays in his crate without peeing, then switch to putting him into a slightly larger area of your home that he seems to NEVER pee in. And continue to gradually enlarge the area of your pug’s environment until he stops marking in it. If he starts marking when you give him more space, you’re giving him too much space too quickly.

If you’d like a more detailed step-by-step action plan of how to do this with your pug, you can access a 60 minute step-by-step interview on how to do this inside my Hands Off Dog Training Program.

3. Your pug Doesn’t See YOU as a Leader of your Home – Most pugs who mark up their owners homes do so because of a dominance issue. And when you fix the dominance issue, the problem goes away. And you do NOT do this by YELLING, hitting, or punishing your pug.

Your pug learns to respect you as its leader in subtle ways. I recently did an interview with a Dominance expert on 15 subtle things dog owners accidently do to tell their dog’s they aren’t in control of their home. And I was shocked when he told me how things like letting your dog sleep in your bed at night, letting your dog walk through doors before you, and letting your dog bark when strangers come to the door, if allowed, are ways you’re telling your dog he’s the boss and not you.

And if you use training to regain control over your pug, the house training can go MUCH faster.

If you’ll follow these three guidelines, and also make sure you clean up any of your pug’s accidents with a cleanser specifically designed to eliminate pet urine odor, and NOT a normal household cleaning product, your pug’s house training will be MUCH more successful.

Hope this helps,

Chet Womach

There Will Be Pugs

Pug Chin Rest


Does your pug do this? Ours are always finding a way to rest their chins on whatever they can!!


I took the first few pictures of Gadget while I was taking close-ups of him.


But, then Gizmo jumped up onto the chair I was using to study, and he rested his chin on the table. So, I had to get pictures of THAT too…


But, then, Gadget walked over to where I was taking pictures of GIZMO, and I got the last one of them both sitting on and under the same chair, both resting their chins.

Gadget Close-Up


Tricia noticed that the close-ups did not include any pictures of Gadget. So, I took some closeups of him. Here’s the best one. He’s cute!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from Urban Pug. One of these pictures is of Oopsy dressed in her “Chrismas Elf” costume on Chrismas Day. The other two are really close-up shots of Gizmo and Oopsy I took with the new lens I got for my camera. It’s a Canon 100mm F/2.8 Macro Lens. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

Speaking of New Year’s, our pug-related resolution is to be better about walking the pugs. Sometimes, we get lazy and let them go out in the yard instead of walking them. We’d like to make sure they get real walks every day.

What’s your resolution?

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