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I took this picture today, and OMG IT IS SO CUTE.  This is Gizmo and Martine sharing her Baby Papasan chair, and it’s just about the cutest picture I’ve taken in a while.

In other news, I’m starting a 6 week law school summer job in Baton Rouge next week, and we’re moving up there tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe the summer is half over already!  It seems like we just got back from Hilton Head!

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Gizmo Gets the Bottom Bunk


We have a bassinet in the bedroom for Martine to sleep in. We have ended up not using it all that much just yet, but we plan to soon. The bassinet is just a small little bed with a mobile and a basket underneath the bed for storage.

Well, the other day I was looking around and I didn’t see Gizmo anywhere. “He was just here,” I thought. I heard some rustling over in the corner of the room, but I didn’t see anything. At first. Upon closer look, I saw that Gizmo had somehow managed to get into this little storage area.

It turns out that this spot is perfect as a pug bed. So perfect, in fact, that it’s now Gizmo has claimed “bottom bunk” with Martine being left to the top bunk. Also perfect (to Gizmo) about this spot is that it’s a secret.


Last night, I got to see Gadget notice for the first time that Gizmo was even *in* there. He walked up to Gizmo, looked confused for a second, walked up to the bassinet and sniffed around, confirming that there was, in fact, a Pug in there. Then, he walked around, looking for a way to get in, but the baby swing is in the way, and he just didn’t figure out that he would have to walk around the baby swing in order so jump in.

So, for now, the bottom bunk is Gizmo’s sole domain.  I think he likes it that way.  Since the initial visit, he’s gone back in there, and every time he just gets comfortable and just looks like he’s in heaven in his “little spot.”

More Pug and Baby!


We’re continuing to adjust to living with a newborn, and so are Gizmo and Gadget. Recently, Martine has been especially fussy, and whenever she cries a whole lot, Gizmo and Gadget take cover. Gadget, especially will run and hide under our bed when she cries! He only does that when he’s sick or scared. I don’t want him to feel that way, but it is kinda cute in a certain way to see him hiding from a crying baby… Hmm.. Gizmo doesn’t call Gadget a cowardly lion for nothing!

Also, Jin from FunnyFur wanted me to let you know about Buddy Belts, which are great harnesses, especially for pugs. They are especially good at protecting dog necks. So please do check them out, and if you decide to buy one, you can use the promo code “urbanpug10” for 10 percent off.

Useful Pug Products

Gizmo Watches Martine and Gadget Freaks Out


Here’s a picture I took the other day of Gizmo watching over Martine.  I had her in her car seat / stroller, sitting right next to the sofa where Gizmo likes to sit when we let him. (though we do try to keep them off the sofas in the front of the house as that’s where visitors will sit)

Gizmo hopped up there and it looked as though he was watching over Martine.  I’m not sure whether to think “protective” lookout or more like… “royalty looking over his subjects.”  Somehow I think it’s more the latter.

Anyway, one more interesting thing.  The Pugs go from being entirely indifferent to the baby to being intensely curious.  Today, Tricia was in bed, and Martine was in her car seat / stroller right next to the bed.  Now, Gadget’s usually laid back except under certain circumstances, he will just get really happy or excited and roll around and play for a few minutes, then go back to normal.  Well, tonight that happened, except I think something inside his noggin “clicked” and he realized what exactly this little thing was, because he just wanted nothing else but to look at her.

He climbed through the covers and over Tricia to try to reach where Martine was sitting, and once he got there, he just wanted to lick her head.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a lick or two, but this is Gadget we’re talking about, he’s a licking machine and she was sleepy.   So, we had to keep him back a little bit, but he just had this HUGELY happy expression on his face, and he wanted nothing else but to watch her!

None of his behavior was at ALL aggressive, he was just happy as could be.  It’s as if just then he realized, “wait a second, this is a new PERSON!!!!   I LOVE PEOPLE!!!!”

And yes, he loves people (when he’s not too shy to show it).

Pug + Baby = Cute


I know what you’re thinking: “Oh no, Urban Pug has become Urban Baby w/ Pug Accessories!”

Come on! Babies are cute! Pugs are Cute! And, you can’t forget that the Fourth Rule of Cuteness is “More than one species of baby flopping around is cute.” The cuteness is multiplicative, not additive.

I promise to get back to talking more “pug” when things get settled down, but right now, the photo opportunities are endless and the results are very cute. I’ve got a series of pug + baby posts lined up, and well … maybe the theme will be out of my system, by then.

Or, maybe not?

P.S., the picture is of Gizmo and Martine lying on their backs on our bed, and I’m standing on the bed, pointing the camera down.

They’re getting along great!


Gizmo and Gadget seem to be adjusting just fine to their baby sister.  We’re trying our best to give them as much attention as we can, but it’s one thing after another all day and night right now.  I think the best approach is to lie down hugging them — that way we get some rest and they get some attention.

Today is my first day back in school after missing a few days for the birth plus the Mardi Gras holiday (monday and tuesday).  I’m trying to get my focus back, but it’s just going to take a few days to get into the routine again.  Some things are staying the same.  I get up, I take a shower, I walk the boys, we come in, they eat, I eat, I pack my books and drive to school.  Other things are changing, of course.

I think the biggest change is that I used to be able to go lock myself in a room and work.  Now my attention is split when I’m trying to do that.  I’ll try to read, but I’ve got this little thing sitting next to me moving around asking for [food / pacifier / diaper / etc].

This semester’s going to be really tough.  On the bright side, though, Martine is healthy and Gizmo and Gadget are starting to really like her!



There is a new low-calorie sports beverage from Gatorade called G2. It’s basically Gatorade with less sugar. I saw it in the store, and I immediately thought “Gizmo and Gadget!” They’re Two G’s, Gatorade’s selling G2. It makes perfect sense! They’re now the (unofficial) spokespugs for the new beverage!

Gadget’s Butt Problems

Happy New Year! Gizmo is playing the role of “Baby New Year” in the swing! He really likes it in there. Unfortunately, he’s going to get booted from the baby things soon for our HUMAN baby.

Last year was filled with excitement, up until the end. I migrated the blog from using Flickr to self-hosting images in the Urban Pug Picture Gallery (which anyone can upload pictures to). Then, I created Urban Pug TV, which shows all the cutest / funniest Pug videos from YouTube. Also, of course, Tricia became pregnant along the way! However, relating back to Pugs, we had some excitement just yesterday!

Yesterday, we had to take Gadget to the vet for a rather embarrassing problem. The day before yesterday, the tissue around his butt became inflamed — and started oozing a thick fluid mixed with some blood! I suspected it might be a problem with his anal glands, so I called Tricia’s parents (who know more about pug physiology than I do) and they confirmed that 1) it was probably a problem w/ his anal glands and 2) he probably needed to see the vet.

So, we got him into the vet yesterday, and they basically confirmed the diagnosis. To treat him, they gave him a quick sedative, flushed out his glands, and then gave him another shot to wake him up. He was out for about 10 minutes. They also gave us some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to give him to prevent infection and reduce the swelling. He’s feeling better now, and he’ll hopefully be 100% back to normal by tomorrow.

“Why did this happen?” we asked the vet. Neither Gizmo nor Gadget have ever had their anal glands expressed, and neither has ever had a problem like this before. We were told that some dogs do not excrete all the fluid they produce in their anal glands and that over time the fluid can “back up” and cause problems. Second, sometimes the gland can get “blocked” and get backed up. This is what probably happened to Gadget. We probably don’t need to regularly express his glands, and this is probably (hopefully) a one-time occurrence.

Anyway, hopefully he’ll be 100% back to normal soon (he was already feeling well enough to beg *really well* for some New Year’s Day Bacon)

Happy New Year!

Topsy Turvy


Gizmo and Gadget snuggle together all the time. In this picture, they are snuggling, but Gizmo is upside down while Gadget is lying on his belly. Gizmo was practically begging me to take this picture! He likes being upside down a lot. Sometimes, when he positions himself like this he looks like a Boston Terrier because his ears appear as if they are pointed. He’s a total goof ball and Gadget just sits there calmly as always:)

Gizmo vs. Troll Doll

Gizmo doesn’t know what the Troll Doll is, he just knows that little things like it aren’t supposed to be standing on top of the picture frame.

For more Pug Videos, check out Urban Pug TV.

New Meaning to “Desktop Background”


Many of you put pictures of your Pugs as desktop background wallpaper on your computers. However, Gizmo has now given new meaning to “Desktop Pug,” as he actually has become a REAL desktop Pug. Today, he managed to hop up onto my desk, right next to the computer monitor.  Tricia actually was the one who took this picture, so I’m not sure how he made it up there, or what he was trying to do.  All I know is that he loves being at the high point in the room, and he’ll eventually make his way as high as he can.  He’s almost like a cat, in that he will jump places.  Unfortunately, he’s not quite as agile as a cat, so he falls on his butt sometimes!

Also, for those of you that are interested,  I have several actual pug desktop wallpapers available.

Dog Cake Recipe for Gizmo & Gadget’s 4th Birthday


Today is Gizmo & Gadget’s 4th birthday! To celebrate, I made them a dog-friendly cake from a simple recipe I found online from LJC. However, instead of using cottage cheese for frosting, I used vanilla yogurt with peanut butter mixed in. (G & G happen to love yogurt, by the way) We thought the yogurt would be sweeter and would make a better tasting icing for them. They really enjoyed eating the cake and cannot wait until tomorrow morning when they are scheduled to get more for breakfast! After some recent health problems, we are so thankful that this birthday was a happy and healthy one for both Gizmo and Gadget. Our pugs have truly enhanced our lives for the better and their birthday is a huge reason to celebrate!

Cake Recipe: 1 cup flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1/4 cup oil, 1 cup shredded carrots, 1/3 cup honey, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes in a greased pan. (Ours actually took a little bit less than 30 minutes). We iced it with about 3 parts yogurt to 1 part peanut butter

Update: Want to make this cake look pretty? Get cake decorating stuff at amazon

Update: I made another cake for their 5th birthday. Check out my Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Cake Recipe

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