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Gadget Cooling Off


So, last post, I mentioned that Gadget likes to lie down on the tile floor to cool off. Well, this is a close-up of him doing just that. He’s bigger than Gizmo, and he’s got more / thicker fur, so he has a harder time staying cool.

Also, I just found these totally awesome pug pillows (via design talk)

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Gadget getting ready for bed.


This is Gadget, getting ready for bed. During this phase, he hops into bed and sits on the side of the bed with his paws and sometimes his entire front legs hanging off the side of the bed. He sits there for a while, drifting off to sleep. Gadget is different than Gizmo, in that he gets in and out of bed all night, while Gizmo stays in bed for the most part. Probably, this is because Gadget gets hot — he gets out of bed and goes over to the bathroom, where there is a tile floor to cool off on.

After he’s slept on the cool tile floor for a while, he’ll hop back up into bed … until he gets too hot again!

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