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Feeding all my children…


I think you can guess who eats what.

Also, G&G are still getting along well with the Tripett Dog Food that I reviewed a while ago. We have a bunch of cans of wellness, so they still get that sometimes, but they very much prefer the tripe. We mix a small amount of the tripe with some dry food, sometimes mixing in a little bit of water. The water makes the tripe into a kind of “gravy” for the dry food. The boys really seem to like it.

As for the dry food, we rotate between different flavors of wellness dry food. The rotation is to keep things interesting. I find that if we stick to the same food every day, they get tired of the same thing over and over.

Also, I used to do a Pugs Around The World feature on Urban Pug, posting pictures of other pugs along with who they are and where they’re from. I’d like to start doing that sometimes. So, if you’d like to be featured as a “Pug from around the world” — Please go to the Urban Pug Pictures – Public Albums Section, then “register” for an account there, and then upload some pictures of your Pug. Then, if you send me an email with your details, I will try to post as many “pugs from around the world” as I can.

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