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Pug Walker

This weekend, I was going to take the pugs on a walk, like I usually do. However, one thing was different this time. You see, Martine knows where the leashes are, but this weekend, she figured out what they were for. She realized that I was putting them on the pugs and taking them outside — so, I took her with me. This is the result:

Also, Martine is beginning to talk, and she is using more words all the time now. But, I’d like to point out right now, that she has the following words in her vocabulary.

  • Dog
  • Woof (is what dogs say)
  • Momo (is what we call Gizmo)
  • Baba (bottle)
  • Dada (she uses this to refer to me, Tricia, and herself when asked “who is that in the picture”, although she does say Mama sometimes, and can definitely distinguish between Mama and Dada on the hearing side, just not the speaking side)
  • No (her favorite word, next to “dog”)
  • Shoes (she LOVES shoes and is fixated on having them on/taking them off/having them back on again)

I’m leaving out a few, but those are the words she uses most of the time. Note that almost half of them are pug-related!!! She loves her pugs!

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