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Kiss me, I’m an Irish Pug


For St. Patrick’s day, we had Martine wearing green. However, green does not signal “girl,” and she doesn’t have long hair or anything else to identify her as a little girl, so we put a little green headband bow on her. You know, “bow” means “girl.” That’s about the best we can do at this age without putting on a dress, which isn’t really your everyday practical wear as an infant.  So, “bow” it was.

Anyway, this is the headband you see on Gadget.  You see, Gadget is very cute, and putting cute things on him amplifies his natural cuteness.  It’s just so to resist doing it.  He usually doesn’t mind, although I suppose I could be persuaded to give him extra treats for putting up with letting me put stuff on him.  (Don’t tell him that, though!)


Anyway, I’m finishing up my spring break now, although it’s more like a spring “catch up” than a “break.”  Also, we will be going over to my parents’ house for Easter, so Gizmo and Gadget will get to hang out with Lexy. Speaking of Lexy, she simultaneously adores and is jealous of Martine. Lexy’s used to getting ALL the attention, and when Martine is there, my mother pays a little bit less attention to Lexy. She’s not quite as adjusted to Martine as Gizmo and Gadget are, so given a little time, she’ll adjust.

Oh, one more thing. I picked up a few Easter things for Urban Pug today, and we’re planning on another visit from the Easter Pug!!!  I can’t wait!

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