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Gizmo uses Martine as a chin rest


Martine’s been around for 6 weeks now, and it’s hard to tell exactly how the boys really feel about her.  For sure, they aren’t hostile.  However, they definitely get a little bit less attention.  This has caused them to, ahem, act out.  Acting out, for them, involves peeing on things when we’re not looking.  They’re very passive aggressive dogs, they are.  As a result, I’ve been breaking out the mop more often.

Back to what they think.  Here’s what I see.  Gadget, when he gets close enough, will lick Martine just like he’d lick me.  He sees her as another little creature.  He doesn’t consider himself anything close to the alpha dog, so in his mind she’s either on his level or above, so no big deal.  Gizmo, on the other hand, sees himself as one pack-step higher than Gadget.  Also, Gizmo doesn’t really show all that much excitement or affection.  He snuggles, he gets excited when you get home, but that’s it.  He can’t really get excited and run up to Martine when we get home, because she’s still in a car seat.  So, I don’t really know where Gizmo stands, except for the fact that he has snuggled up with her.

He even used her as a chin rest, something he does as often as he can to the rest of his humans.

That’s what the picture above is of — Gizmo using Martine as a chin rest

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