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Laryngeal Tie Back

First, yesterday was Gizmo’s NINTH birthday! Happy Birthday Gizmo!!!

Second, a quick update on Gizmo. He’s had some more breathing problems, but his laryngeal saccules have not been a problem. We’ve been able to keep his throat clear and open with steroids to stop the swelling, but our vet has identified another problem. He’s got laryngeal paralysis. In other words, his larynx (voice box) This causes his airways to be closed somewhat. If he gets excited and pants a lot, it can cause irritation in his throat, which leads to swelling, which leads to more restricted airways. So, not good. The fix is a fairly routine procedure called a “laryngeal tie back.” He’s going in today for his pre-op “consult,” and he will likely have the surgery tomorrow. Good luck Gizmo!

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