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Ipsy at the W Hotel

Ipsy at the W Hotel

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s another pick of the photos from the W. In this picture, Ipsy is poking her head up onto the bed, hoping I pick her up onto the bed.

Ipsy had an accident when she was a pup, which caused her to have some eye surgery. She’s ok, except she’s partially blind out of her right eye. If you look closely at photos of her, her right eye hardly ever shows any “blue eye” (dog red-eye effect) because the surgery and trauma to her eye cause the light not to reflect as well off of her retina.

Even with this, she’s still an amazing pug, with personality to spare. Really, that’s what pugs have — personality. They’ve been bred for centuries for that one purpose, to live with humans and be pets, and I think whoever was doing the breeding got something right. Pugs really do make great pets.

Hmm… If only Gizmo could sing. “We’ll make great pets… ” — I’ll have to go downl… er.. buy from itunes Perry Ferrell singing Pets while he was in Porno for Pyros.

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