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Pugs Love the W Hotel!

A few weeks ago, Tricia won a poetry contest at the Bridge Lounge, sponsored by the Humane Society. Well, this weekend, we decided to go… and take the pugs with us. The place is great, although I *do* live about five blocks away from the place.

View of my house from the W hotel

View of my house

In this picture, Tricia is deciding what to get for breakfast the next morning, and gizmo is absolutely LOVING the huge pillows.

A few of the neat things that they do for your dog are: dog treats on turndown, special pet beds (though we didnt get one), pet grooming and veterinarian services, dog walking services, and special W shaped dog treats!

W Dog Treats

W Dog Treat

Overall, we had a great time staying there. We went to dinner, watched a movie, played with the dogs. Tricia and I really think that the dogs “know” that we “chose” to take them with us, and they were really happy. I think we spent all weekend with the dogs. Friday night, Saturday all day, then we took them to the hotel with us, then on Sunday, we took the dogs with us to my parents’ house, where they have a big yard to run around in. Ipsy totally loves hopping around in the yard, she looks just like a little bunny.

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