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Nico and Lola

A while back, I was sent a copy and asked to review a book titled: Nico and Lola: Kindness Shared Between a Boy and a Dog. Simply, it’s a picture book about a boy taking care of a Pug. However, it’s a lot more than just that. The aim of the book is to teach kindness to young children, and it is FILLED with lots of pictures of kids and a Pug named Lola.

Right now my reviewer’s perspective is that of a pug owning parent of an 18 month old. Kids that young aren’t exactly ready to fully understand the message of the book, BUT Martine absolutely LOVES all the pictures. You see, she’s used to seeing pugs in person, but all of her books have other kinds of dogs. So, when she gets to see a PUG in a BOOK, she gets really happy and points out the pug in each picture.

If you’re looking to get a book for a young child, I would recommend Nico and Lola. More information is available at the Nico and Lola Website.

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