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So fresh and clean!!!


For the first time ever, I took my pugs to a professional groomer. I dropped the pugs off after dropping Martine off at daycare, and I picked them both up in the afternoon. I was a bit hesitant to take them to the groomer because I have always just done all the grooming myself. But, I finally decided that it was about time for me to delegate that task to a professional, just so we can get them having baths on a regular schedule, and hopefully help with the shedding problem.

All I have to say is that if you think you are doing a good job giving your pug a bath, a professional can probably do a better job. Plus, the groomer did the best deshed job I have ever seen. I don’t think I could have gotten this much undercoat off the pugs if I had used a furminator for an hour on each one. It turns out that the professionals have lots of tools that we don’t, and they’re good at getting all that pug undercoat out. So much so that now, I can actually pet my pugs without having a handful of fur!!!

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