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Puppy Party

Cute little snowy

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

The puppies are currently running from under and out of my bed, back and forth, back and forth.

They don’t stop.

They use all that food I feed them. It’s no wonder they poop so much.

Anyway, Spirit and Snowy both took to the stacking on the counter tonight — ‘stacking’ is what you call standing a dog in the “show” position, usually on table for pugs, so the judges can check them out. The puppies need to learn to not be scared of the height of the table, and how to stand. The young pups also need to learn how to walk on a lead (leash). Anyway, snowy took to it no problem, but spirit REALLY FREAKING HATED IT.

Oh, and snowy had a little bit of demodex, which is why her forehead looks a little patchy.

More puppy photos soon! — Click this photo to see more that I posted tonight.

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