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Ipsy loves the Bridge Lounge

It’s ME!

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

First off, I think this is the first time i’ve posted a picture of myself on here. This is me and Ipsy, and as I was trying to take a picture of us, she started kissing me. I don’t think you can see her tongue in this picture, but she’s in mid-lick.

Last night, we went to the bridge lounge for a humane society event, where there was a poetry contest. The winner, as decided by some judges (one of which runs Three Dog Bakery) would win a night’s stay at the W hotel in Downtown New Orleans.

That being Tricia’s favorite hotel, she decided to write a poem and enter the contest. Everything was going well, she got up to the microphone, I brought the dogs up to the podeum to sit on some chairs for everyone to see, and then Tricia started reading the poem she had written about Emily, who recently passed away.

She got through about two lines of the poem, and couldn’t continue. So, she beckoned me to read it for her, which I did (Quite well, if I do say so myself)

Anyway, the judges were moved by her poem and her display of emotion, and she WON!! How cool is that? See Tricia, you still have creativity in you.

Update: As I apparently do every single time, I identified ipsy and gizmo wrong in the previous post. Ipsy’s in the front, not Gizmo.

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