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Ack, fleas!

Gizmo and Gadget under my desk

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

So I guess it’s inevitable that even the most inside-loving dogs get fleas once in a while, and well, i guess that time is now.

Gizmo and Gadget had fleas last week or so, and i’m guessing the hartz flea junk i put on them didn’t do a good enough job of protecting them. Anyway, Gadget’s got them again. As a quick fix, i put some more of the dreaded “flea junk” on him, but I’m really going to have to give another flea bath, then get the better advantix product.

And i suppose some sort of flea collar would be appropriate now. I never had a problem with fleas at the Saulet, but I guess that’s because they spread flea killer outside. Now that i’m on more public streets with (probably) more dogs in a smaller area, there’s probably more NEED to put flea killer out there, but there’s nobody doing it.

Some va-poo-rize for fleas would be good about now.

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