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Seersucker Dog Collar


Seersucker is a fabric that’s commonly worn in the South between Easter and Labor Day. Generally, you see older men wearing Seersucker suits in the summer. It’s also common to make children’s clothing from seersucker. Indeed, we have several small dresses for Martine that are made of the fabric. However, I couldn’t find anything for Gizmo and Gadget.

I looked all around, and I couldn’t find anything out there. So, I eventually made my way over to Etsy.com, which is a site that’s all about hand made crafts. I used their “Alchemy” feature, which allows you to request custom items to be made, and various craft makers bid on what you want created. I used this, and eventually found someone who had a track record of making good dog collars to make one using Seersucker for me.


Everything was fine, except for the fact that the seller lives outside of the South, and there was no seersucker to be found! We really wanted these collars, so I went to a local store and found some fabric, bought a small amount, and sent it to the maker. Don’t worry, though, we arranged it so that the price was fair in light of my providing some of the materials.

The whole process of looking for Seersucker collars took a while, but once I got the materials to the maker, making them was very fast. So after a while of working on this project (but only a little time waiting for the collars to be made), I finally got them, and they look great! Really cute, and we like the way they look on G&G.

We had a green and white collar made for Gizmo and a blue and white one made for Gadget. Now, we’ll be able to take a picture of Gizmo, Gadget, and Martine all in their seersucker outfits!

The seller is Nomorenekkiddogs on Etsy.com. If you have a special fabric or design, you can get a custom collar too! I highly recommend using Etsy.com for this kind of thing, AND they have all sorts of really well-made crafts that make great gifts.

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