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Bathtime for Pugs

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Drying Gizmo

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Well, this long weekend is Mardi Gras here in New Orleans, and I had a long thursday-saturday. I went to the ball for the Krewe of Hermes on thursday, then did all the parade related events on friday, including ride friday night. Saturday is kind of a “shot” day if you’re not doing parades, because there’s so much traffic.

Tricia and I met with a priest saturday morning (for the upcoming wedding), but the rest of the day was basically left to me doing some household chores, playing too much world of warcraft, and washing the pugs.

And boy, did they need a bath (they STUNK!)

This picture is of Gizmo getting dried off after his bath. I have a few videos i’ll post tomorrowish showing gizmo going crazy after his bath.

Well, more like shower, cause that’s all we have (i get in the shower WITH them)

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