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Westminster !!!

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For those of you who don’t know, tonight and tomorrow are the “big daddy” of dog shows, Westminster. You can get updates here

It’s in NYC, and it’s airing on the USA Network from 8-11 eastern tonight and tomorrow night. They’ve already judged the pugs, and the Best in Breed is “Ch Kendoric’s Riversong Mulroney,” the same Pug who won best in breed for Pugs at the Purina show at Thanksgiving and Best in Breed last year at Westminster. He goes by the name Dermot. He has quite a history.

The “Ch” stands for “Champion,” and the breeder usually has part of the dog’s “formal name” too.

Gizmo and Gadget are:

Ch Wind Valley’s Gizmoto Dragon and
Ch Wind Valley’s Gaudium Dragon

The name is supposed to reflect who bred the dog, but sometimes people put in more than that. For example, G&G have “dragon” in their name because they’re shown/owned by Tricia’s parents, and their kennel name is “Silk Dragon” (I’m only part owner of Gizmo)

So, Gadget’s kids are all “Silk Dragon’s XYZ”

All of this is supposed to have NO relation to what you actually CALL the dog, because the judge isn’t supposed to know anything about who the dog is actually owned/bred by. Really, even the handler isn’t supposed to matter, but there’s a lot of politics involved, so one dog can actually be judged higher than another one JUST BECAUSE he is handled by a famous handler.

That’s kinda crap, but it’s how it works.

Anyway, they’re retired show dogs now, but they do have little “diplomas” we have on the walls for them.

Watch USA tonight and cheer for the pugs! (BOO Pomeranian! BOO Poodle!)

Gizmo rules.

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